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The CSR journey

developing a strategy that fits

"We thought we would add a simple volunteering program but it led us to take a look at everything we do through this new lens."

Operations Director, Web hosting company

It's not a sticking plaster or an additional layer; it is a shift in perspective.  

When you start to think in terms of what it means to be a truly sustainable business and a socially responsible organisation, you unlock the potential to:

  • spark innovation

  • increase client interest

  • fire up employee engagement

How do we:

  • promote resource conservation?

  • reduce our own carbon footprint?

  • increase our reuse and recycling?

  • mitigate our adverse effects on the environment?

How do we:

  • achieve a sustainable, positive return on investment?

  • have confidence in the ethics of our supply chain?

  • act with integrity with both clients and suppliers?

How do we:

  • demonstrate commitment to inclusion and integrity?

  • support employee development and training?

  • achieve sustainable talent management and attract great people?

How do we:

  • make a positive impact on the societies in which we operate?

  • implement corporate giving and volunteering programs that add real stakeholder value?